Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Riot Points Generator [Download Link In Description]

Download the updated and working version here:

Download file here:

Admins use referal links with cheated Riot Points. My software simply finds them. They constantly change them, so thats why almost all of the links offered in the videos online on YouTube do not work. But my software finds and cracks one in real time.

I have knowledge in programming in many different languages and i have developped this software which cracks into League of Legends data bases and infiltrates SQL dash-in exceptions which as a result, generates a failed referal link. Its failed in the way thats its out of the games primary conditions but will multiply the amount of Riot Points you will have. It will only start at level 5. 5 is a fixed constant in the parameters.
Compatible with Windows XP, Vista and 7.

1: Download the file
2: Un-zip it or un-rar it, then open the folder
3: Double click on the file RP Admin Link Auto-Hacker 1.3 inside the folder
4: Follow the instructions in the console and you are done, you got yourself free Riot Points

Version 1.3:
-Fixed run-time error.
Riot Points Generator [Download Link In Description]
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